Train replacement buses

If there is track maintenance or disruptions on your train route, we will provide train replacement buses. The buses typically stop just outside the station. If the change has been planned, you can see the bus departures and arrivals on


Changes from Hjørring - Aalborg - Aarhus H

During the period from May 26th to October 6th, there will be track work on various sections between Hjørring - Aalborg - Aarhus H / Hobro and between Aalborg Station - Aalborg Airport. You can find all departures for trains, train replacement buses and regular bus departures at

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Departures and arrivals for train replacement buses

In the event of planned changes where trains are not running, we provide train replacement buses. You can find the departures and arrivals for the train replacement buses at from two weeks before the change takes place.

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The train replacement buses stop here

The train replacement buses usually stop just outside the station, and they stop at all stations. For long term planned track works, express train replacement buses may also be provided, which only stop at a few stations along the route. The train replacement schedules specify where the different buses will stop.

Train replacement bus stops

More about train replacement buses

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please feel free to call us at +45 98 11 11 11.

The tickets and cards that you can use on the trains are also valid on the train replacement buses. However, you may not always be able to purchase a ticket or check in and out on the bus. Instead, you can buy your ticket using the RejseBillet app and check in and out with Rejsekort at the bus or at the station.

Download RejseBillet here:

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No, there is limited space on the train replacement buses, so you can't bring your bike with you

Yes. Depending on the type of bus that is in service, the stroller can either be taken on board or folded and placed in the luggage compartment.

Yes. Foldable wheelchairs and walkers can always be brought on the train replacement bus. If your wheelchair cannot be folded, please contact DSB Handicapservice at telephone 70 13 14 19.

Yes. The same rules apply for dogs on trains and train replacement buses. You can find the rules in the Joint National Travel Regulations.

You can bring your kick scooter on the bus, if the staff assesses that there is space for it. The scooter should be placed on the floor of the train replacement bus – but not in the aisle – and it must not cause inconvenience to others.

You can bring your electric scooter for free if it is folded. Otherwise, the same rules apply for scooters as for bicycles.

If the train replacement bus hasn't arrived, you can contact us at 99 34 11 12 for assistance.