Rejsekort is a practical travel companion that serves as both a ticket and a means of payment on buses, trains and metro.

We recommend Rejsekort for those who travel fewer than 30 times per month (15 round trips) or for those who travel frequently but on different routes.

If you have questions about Rejsekort, you are always welcome to contact Rejsekort Customer Centre at 70 11 33 33.

Få rabat når du rejser

Buy Rejsekort

You can easily and conveniently buy your Rejsekort at, at the NT Sales and Service Centre or at Thisted Station. 

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Discounts when you travel

With Rejsekort, the more you travel, the cheaper it becomes. 

In addition to your quantity discount, you always get an extra 20 % discount if you travel between 11-13 or 18-07 on weekdays or on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays. 

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Top up your card

To be able to travel, you must have money on your Rejsekort. The balance of the card must, at a minimum, cover the prepayment of your next journey. With an automatic top-up agreement, money is transferred from your payment card, when the balance is below DKK 50. It’s an easy and safe way to make sure, you always have money on your card. 

You can also top up your Rejsekort at, at a Rejsekort machine, or at a staffed sales point. 

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