Commuter Card

A Commuter card or a Rejsekort with a commuter area is a convenient travel companion for those who travel more than 30 times per month (15 round trips) on the same route or in the same zones. 

If you have any questions about Commuter Card or Rejsekort with a commuter area, feel free to contact Rejsekort Customer Centre at 70 11 33 33. 

Buy your Commuter Card

You can easily and conveniently buy your Commuter Card or Rejsekort with a commuter area at, at the NT Sales and Service Centre or at Thisted Station. You can also buy a Commuter Card in the RejseBillet app. 

Buy your card here 

Choose the right card

With a Commuter Card, you can travel as much as you want in the chosen zones and during the chosen period for a fixed monthly price. 

With a Rejsekort with commuter area, you get a Commuter Card and a Rejsekort in the same card. You pay a fixed monthly price for the journeys you make in your selected commuter area and get other journeys at the same price as with the Rejsekort. 

Not sure what to choose? We'll assist you. 

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