Single ticket

Buy your ticket in the RejseBillet app, on the bus or at the station. It's easy and safe. If you travel frequently, we recommend using Rejsekort instead.


RejseBillet app

RejseBillet is your practical gateway to tickets for buses, trains, and the metro throughout Denmark.

In RejseBillet, you can purchase single tickets between the destinations you enter and zone tickets for the number of zones you choose. You can also buy various special tickets and Commuter Cards.

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How to pay

You can use your ticket in all buses and trains in the selected zones. You just need to have boarded the bus or train before the ticket expires. 

Payment cards and cash 

You can pay with cash on all our buses. In Plusbus, however, you must buy the ticket from the machine at the station, where can can pay with Dankort, Visa or Mastercard. 

You can also pay with cards in the city buses in Aalborg (except Plusbus), in our express buses, and in our regional buses. You can also pay with payment cards at the ticket machines at the train stations. 

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How long can you use your ticket 

The validity of a single ticket depends on the number of zones the ticket covers. If you board the bus or train before your ticket expires, you may travel to the end station no matter the expiration time.

Number of zones Number of minutes
1-2 60
3 75
4 90
5 105
6 115
7 125
8 135
9 145
10* 155*

*For each additional zone, an extra 10 minutes are added to the validity period.