Travel guarantee 

If we are responsible for you being delayed for more than 20 minutes, you can use our travel guarantee. 


If buses and trains do not run as promised

You can use our travel guarantee if we are more than 20 minutes late. You can also use it, if you miss a connection due to a delay, and that makes you more than 20 minutes late to your destination. 

The travel guarantee means, that we cover the costs of a taxi or provide compensation for expenses related to driving in a private car. 

If there's an issue with the train, you can also get a refund for all or part of the ticket price. 

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More about travel guarantee

Here you can find more information about our travel guarantee

The travel guarantee is valid 24/7, all days of the week. However, it may be suspended due to force majeure or strikes. If this happens, it will be announced on this website. 

You can use the travel guarantee in the following cases: 

  • If the bus, train or flex vehicle is more than 20 minutes late. 
  • If the bus passes by the bus stop without stopping (if you have been at the stop well in advance and made yourself visible), and there is more than 20 minutes until the next bus. 
  • If a connection fails because the bus or train has not departed on time, and there is more than 20 minutes until the next departure*. 

*The travel guarantee applies to all connections listed in the time tables on this website. For other connections, the travel guarantee applies if there is at least 4 minutes between the scheduled arrival and departure. After 19.00 and on weekends, the travel guarantee also applies to connections between city buses departing at the same time from Aalborg Station – i.e., the stops around John F. Kennedys Plads and Aalborg Bus Terminal. 

The travel guarantee may be suspended due to force majeure (severe weather conditions, etc.) and if drivers are on strike. If this happens, it will be announced on this website. 

The travel guarantee covers journeys with all our buses, including telebuses, trains, teletaxis, Flextur, Plustur and Flexhandicap, if the conditions are met. It also covers train journeys where there is a change between Nordjyske Jernbaner’s and DSB's trains. 

Please note, that the travel guarantee does not cover transfers between our buses or flexible transport and DSB or GoCollective trains. 

If there are 8 or more people travelling together, you are covered by the travel guarantee if you have made a reservation at least 5 business days before departure.

Yes, and if there is no room for the pushchair or pram, we consider it equivalent to the bus passing by without stopping. So, you can also use the travel guarantee if there is no space for the pushchair or pram. 

Yes, and if the bus has passed without stopping, you may use the travel guarantee even if there is less than 20 minutes until the next departure. 

No, the travel guarantee does not cover bicycles. 

We cover one of the following: 

  • Expenses for a taxi (up to 350 DKK) 
  • Driving in a private car (up to 100 km in total) 

We only cover transportation between stops/stations on the journey. 

The person who paid for the taxi or drove the car can get the expenses covered. 

Specifically for train travelers 
If one of our trains is part of your journey, you can also choose one of the following compensations. You can only choose one type of compensation. 

  • Get a full or partial refund of the journey's price. 
  • Travel guarantee ticket for a new journey on the train route with the right to transfer to a bus in the zones you travel between. 

You can get the following percentages of the journey's price refunded: 

  • 25 % of the journey's price if the delay is 20 minutes or more. 
  • 50 % of the journey's price if the delay is 60 minutes or more. 
  • 75 % of the journey's price if the delay is 90 minutes or more. 
  • 100 % of the journey's price if the delay is 120 minutes or more. 

If the delay is 60 minutes or more, you may cancel your journey and return to the departure station on the same ticket. Additionally, you can get a refund of your ticket according to the above rates. 
The arrival time at the last station or stop on the journey determines, how much you are delayed. 

Travel guarantee ticket 
A travel guarantee ticket is valid for 6 months and cannot be exchanged or refunded. 
You must fill in the departure date on the ticket with a ballpoint pen before departure. The date cannot be corrected afterwards. 

Light refreshments 
If you travel by train and you are delayed for more than 60 minutes, you can get expenses for food or beverages covered up to 50 DKK. 

You cannot get expenses for spirits, tobacco products, magazines, newspapers, games and similar covered. 

Compensation for commuters traveling by train 
If you use a Commuter Card, Youth Card, Erhvervskort og Rejsekort with a commuter area or similar, the journey's price is calculated as 50 % of the daily rate on your card. 

If you use Commuter20, the journey's price is calculated as 1/20 of the card's price. 

If you use a Travel Pass, the journey's price is calculated as 1/8 of the card's price. 

The travel guarantee does not cover additionally purchased bus or train tickets, accommodations, lost earnings or tickets for missed flights, ferries, long-distance bus routes, cinema, theater performances etc. 

To ensure a quick and smooth processing of your case, you should apply for travel guarantee as soon as possible after the delay and preferably within 14 days. 

The limitation period for applying for travel guarantee is 3 years. 

Remember to keep the original ticket or receipt until you receive a decision from us, as we reserve the right to obtain documentation. 

We strive to provide you with an answer within 21 days after receiving your application. 

You can complain about a decision in a travel guarantee case to The Appeal Board for Bus, Train and Metro

If you believe, that we are not complying with the Regulation on the rights and obligations of railway passengers - including provisions on travel guarantees - you can complain to the The Danish Rail Regulatory Body