School Pass

Eligible students at primary schools, private schools, and independent schools can use the School Pass. Students who are not eligible for transportation can instead use the Commuter Pass or the Rejsekort with commuter area.

Get a School Pass 

It is the school that orders School Passes for the students and renews their passes from school year to school year. Therefore, you must contact the school secretary for information about School Passes and orders. 

The School Pass can be used around the clock in the zones between your residence and school. However, the School Pass cannot be used in the month of July. 

The School Pass also allows for free travel with Plustur. 

How to use your School Pass 

Check in with the card when the journey begins. Check in again when switching to another bus or train on the journey. Check out when the journey ends. 

The rule allowing a paying child to bring another child under 12 for free does not apply when using the School Pass. 

The School Card is personal and must not be lent to others. 

Avoid damaging the card. Cutting or making holes in a School Pass will cause the card to malfunction. 

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