We want to make your journey as easy as possible, even when you bring a wheelchair.

With us, you can bring wheelchairs on both buses and trains around the clock, seven days a week. Remember to book handicap service if you are travelling by train.

Access and safety on buses 

There are ramps or lifts for wheelchairs in all newer buses. In express buses and service buses, the driver can assist you when getting on and off. 

You may bring a wheelchair with the following maximum dimensions.

  • Width: 70 cm
  • Length: 115 cm
  • Weight: 300 kg (weight includes wheelchair user)

It is free to bring a wheelchair. 

Access and safety on trains 

If you're a wheelchair user travelling by train, you must always book handicap service with DSB Handicap Service at least 12 hours before departure. You can also book handicap service by phone at 70 13 14 19. This applies to all wheelchair users. 

Booking handicap service is free and ensures you space, assistance when getting on and off, and help with your luggage. 

You can bring a wheelchair with the following maximum dimensions. However, there are special rules for 4-wheeled mini-crossers.

  • Width: 70 cm.
  • Length: 120 cm.
  • Weight: 300 kg (weight includes wheelchair user)

Wheelchairs/mini-crossers that are 120-140 cm long and 4-wheeled mini-crossers are transported by taxi from station to station at no extra cost. 

More information 

You are welcome to contact NT Sales and Service Center by phone +45 98 11 11 11, if you have questions regarding wheelchairs on buses and trains. 


We wish you a safe and pleasant journey